Cinema Beef Podcast #86 : That Voodoo That You Do

Welcome to a land where the zombies are vengeful and the mystics are sometimes subpar. The beefers travel to Haiti and get some of that old black magic in em with three superb features. When 007 has to investigate why other MI-6 agents are being assassinated, he in embroiled in a world or witch doctors, gangsters, redneck sheriffs and one shitty but smokin hot tarot reader in Live and Let Die. Next, when Sugar’s boyfriend is killed by gangsters, she calls upon a shaman to raise some hell in the form of zombies to dispatch his killers and get revenge in Sugar Hill. ¬†Finally, when a doctor goes to Africa searching for the secret of raising the dead, he gets more than he bargains for in The Serpent and The Rainbow! ¬†We are joined by Iris Walters (Badasses, Boobs and Bodycounts/Theme Warriors) and Cort Psyops (Cinema Psyops)

Jon Cross interview with Gloria Hendry