Cinema Beef Podcast #85 : Reality Premonition

You ever been home and there is nothing on but uttter reality garbage? It happens all too often. Maybe these films are what’s to blame for the trash we see today. We are joined via Australia by The Wych from The Wych vs. The Doomsday Clock as we discuss three films that pre-dated these shows by a long way. When death row inmates are put on as live executions with cash and prizes at stake, you get hilarity and helmet hair in Deathrow Gameshow. Then, when the people of Denton flock to a local tv station, Brad and Janet’s sanity and marriage are put to the test through song and anti depressants. All this and rockin fast food in Shock Treatment. Finally, it’s Arnie vs. Corporate Richard Dawson and his squad of colorful stalkers in The Running Man! Watch until your eyes fall out. Don’t worry. You’ll still have your ears to listen to the beef.