Cinema Beef Podcast #84 Hatch-Man Tribute










Rejoice and let the Capricas fly in celebration of a great man. We lost a great human and actor in Richard Hatch so in that familiar beef style we pay tribute with gusto. I am joined by Cort Psyops and Hatch-Man super fan and personal friend of Captain Apollo Mike Wellman. First up, when the streets are too much for one veteran, he uses his certain set of skills to take out the gangs and clean up his neighborhood. All this and motocrossin’ clowns in Ghetto Blaster. In Prisoners Of The Lost Universe, the Hatch-Man and his maiden fair are transported to a far away land full of unique baddies and pits him against one John Saxon. It’s a battle of manly wits in the fantasy fare. So celebrate this great man and watch some pretty amazing flicks. SO SAY WE ALL!

Music Credits

“Starman” performed by David Bowie from the album “Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars”

“Our World” performed by My Morning Jacket from the album “The Muppets : The Green Album”

Watch Ghetto Blaster

Watch Prisoners Of The Lost Universe

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