Cinema Beef Podcast #80 : Beef Stew #1


Hey Beefers. I am sans Jamie and X on this one so I called in a couple favors. I pulled Cort Psyops and Mike Maryman to do a potluck of cinematic gems for you. When shitty kids put an old man under surveillance for no good reason, their neighbors psyche gets pushed to the edge leading to an ultimate conclusion. James Caan stars in The Good Neighbor from 2016. Next up in Cort’ s pick, when a power tool weilding killer is taking body parts off of its victims, it’s up to three detectives to thwart the plan. ¬†All this and extreme anti smoking messages in Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh. Finally in my pick, when a master of disguise is strangling old ladies all over New York City, it’s up to a detective to outsmart and out wit this vicious killer in No Way To Treat A Lady.