Cinema Beef Podcast #73 : Bumping Off The Competition


Welcome to the world or extreme competion. Where the girls are hot and the old men are pervy and everyone wants to come up on top.  We are joined by Duncan McLeish of The Podcast Under The Stairs and the upcoming Chronicle podcast and the Swedish Cinemasocist for these three tales. First up, when sleazy producer John Vernon invites six aspiring starlets to his secluded mansion for a spin on his casting couch, a masked killer shows up to ruin their chances for fame and fortune. All this and useless plot devices in Curtains. Then, it’s pagaent time in Mount Rose and the competition is fierce.  When a small town has their yearly teenage beauty contest, someone is making a killing. All the way to the winning circle. All this and anorexia jokes in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Finally, while on a corporate retreat, the employees are hoping for some fun times with nature. They get all that and a whole lot more when they get picked off one by one in Severance.  Do we hope you enjoy the show? You betcha, Iris!