Cinema Beef Podcast #71 : Injuns On The Fringe


Remember back in the day when men were men but some men were something else. These men can cross races and that’s rare. These are white guys who played Native American roles. I know right.

First up, when ruthless outlaws are killing his people, it’s up to Joe to kill the oppressors, get the girl and keep up with that damn horse. All this and a pretty banging Morricone score in the Burt Reynolds vehicle Navajo Joe.

Then, when the good people of the southwest are in trouble, they look to none other than the half white/half Native American, Hapkido kicking and surprisingly soft spoken Billy Jack to save them from townies, crooked horse harvesters and general evil doers. All this and a whole lot of pacifism in Billy Jack.

Finally, It’s bad cop meets angry brave in a an action snore fest. When a ¬†sacred spear is stolen from Lakota Indian Lou Diamond Phillips, he has to join forces with a hard nosed cop in Kiefer Sutherland to stop the bad guys and restore order the tribe. All this and dramatic shootings in Renegades.