Cinema Beef Podcast #69 : Supernatural Shitty Kids


Are you having problems with your kids? Does the sight of them make you break out in blood? ¬†It’s time to shut that shit down. Cinema Beef is back with a full show with Terror Troop’s Wildman Willis in tow. First up in this trio of troubled kids flicks, we got a couple who enter a Nebraska town and find a crop of religious brats with blood sacrifice on their brains in Children of the Corn from 1984. Next up, when Joey’s father passes away, he starts to see some strange stuff including a talking dummy and film licenses galore. All this and Darth Vader in Making Contact! ¬†Finally, when the parents move to a secluded home when their two brats start to have problems, they go through extreme measures to straighten them out. The kids have other plans. All this and cat mutilation in Home Movie from 2008. This one was fun to record. Hope you guys dig it!