Cinema Beef Podcast #67 : Your Cheatin’ Heart

#67 Cin Beef Art

menCinema Beef is back and better than ever. I am joined by new permanent co-host , Jamie Jenkins!  This is a show full of scorned lovers, greed and just genreal insanity.  First up, Joan Crawford is out of the asylum and up to her old murderous tricks again.  Or is she? All this and shifty handymen in Strait-Jacket!  Then, When a brother steals his brother’s new bride and supposedly a bunch of money, he pursues them with a jealous heart and out of general stupidity.  Will love conquer all? All that and Delroy Lindo in Feeling Minnesota.  Finally, when a mob tart falls in love with her sexy handywoman, they make a play for a bunch of cash all while trying to screw over Joey Pantiliano.  All this and some very heavy petting in Bound.