Cinema Beef Podcast #66 : Dog Obsession



Hey dog lovers!   You may not be after this edition of Cinema Beef. In am joined by Dan Chase as we talk about canines great and small. First up, Corey Haim adopts a golden retriever that comes with some strings. Those strings being that the dog is super intelligent and that it has a mini squatch counterpart who will kill anything in it’s path to be reunited. All this and Michael Ironside in Watchers!  Next, nosey reporter Ally Sheedy kidnaps a lab pooch not knowing his true potential. This dog doesn’t just run and fetch. He is imbued with the powers and traits of multiple animals and is set loose on man and feline alike. Lance Henrikson screams and shoots in Man’s Best Friend. Finally, when a group of pooch loving owners make it out the prestigious Mayflower dog show, they will stop at nothing to get that blue ribbon and the big prize.  The fur’s gonna fly with an all star cast in Christopher Guest’s Best in Show.