Cinema Beef Podcast #65 : An Irwin Allen Joint



Cinema Beef is back with an all star cast.  We are joined by Gene Hackman, Red Buttons, Roddy McDowell, Michael Caine, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, O.J. Simpson, Richard Widm, THat kid that played Bobby Brady, other shitty kids and most importantly Mike Maryman!  We are covering three films made by the master of disaster, Irwin Allen!  First up, when a giant wave films luxury cruise liner The Poseiden over, it is up to a small group of survivors to get to safety and hopefully see “The Morning After”  All this and Ernest Borgnine yelling in The Poseiden Adventure.  In The Towering Inferno, one of the grandest skyscrapers is making its big debut.  Little do the folks know what cutting corners is gonna burn them in the end.  All this and lots of burnt crackers in this 70s gem.  Finally, killer bees are taking the U.S. by storm and I don’t mean the tag team.  It’s up to Michael Caine and others to take care of business and save the nation from The Swarm!