Cinema Beef Podcast #64 : Heston’s Ascot Gave Me Plague AIDS

Beef Heston art


Is it rough being part of a populace that has way more chest hair than you?  Do religious zealots got you down? Can you just not get enough to eat? Old Chuck Heston has all these problems and they are all addressed in this edition of Cinema Beef.  We are joined by The Projection Booth’s Mike White as we discuss three Heston classics.  First up, Chuck is a man among simeon in a struggle in equality and loin cloth maintenance in Planet of the Apes.  Next, Chuck is a man who feels happy about isolation.  Except for the army of  albino zealots who want to foil his plans every time the sun goes down.  All this and 2 crucifixions in The Omega Man  Finally, three overweight hosts talk about their feelings and the foils of overpopulation in Soylent Green.  Grab your gun and some tissue.  Chuck is gonna bring the pain and the vinegar strokes.


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