Cinema Beef #76 : Real Terror In The Aisles


Do you like all the majesty of going to the cinema but dont like getting mutilated by high prices and raving maniacs? Then you’ll hate these films. We’re doing three films where people are terrorized in and out of the theater. ¬†First up, when folks are invited to a sneak preview, they get more than a free ticket when they have to fend off a legion of demons in Demons from 1985. Next, when film students decide to put on a horror a thon, a mysterious killer starts to pick them off one by one so he can finish his owm movie. All this and wheelchair electricution in Popcorn from 1991. John Goodman gets to play makeshift William Castle when he brings his new monster movie to Key West during that whole Cuban Missile Crisis thing. ¬†Scumbag poets and puns run rampant in Joe Dante’s Matinee from 1993. We are joined by author/editor Brian M. Sammons of the ABCs of Hidden Horror, Evil Episodes and Dark Regions Radio Podcasts.