CB # 75 Bootleg Teenage Bonds


Some kids have it all.  They get the girls, the amazing cars and all the super villains they can handle. We are discussing the other Bonds that are may or may not be up to par. You can decide! We welcome Huke and Cristi on this one.

First up, when young gymnast Lance Stargrove’s father is killed, he inherits a super farm house and one saucy femme fatale in the form of Vanity. He is pitted against one freaky deaky drag queen whose goal is to poison the water supply. Will young Stargrove be able to live up to his father’s legacy and attempt sex with Vanity? Find out in Never Too Young To Die.

Next, when an American rock and roll star comes to Germany as a good will ambassador,  he gets caught up in politics and some wacky freedom fighters. Val Kilmer sings and swings in the Zucker spy spoof Top Secret.

Finally, when teenage French class reject Michael Corbin is mistaken for a super spy, he gets a hot car, a saucy waif and a series of baddies on his trail. All this and combat condoms in the Richard Grieco vehicle If Looks Could Kil.