CB #74 Those Other Little Creatures


You remember those films you loved with furry sometimes slimy critters who are cute one minute and disastrous the next.  Well! This is the episode for you!  We are joined by Mike Maryman to discuss three gems of that genre. First up, when some little creeps escape from a vault, they make folks wildest dreams come true. Right before they kill them. All this and more in Hobgoblins.

Next, when a worm/wolf type monster is found in an archaeological dig, he is really cute in a Gizmo rip off kind of way. When he gets hurt, he multiplies and his nasty offspring have shenanigans all over the desert. All this and Turd Ferguson in Munchies.

Finally, in something good, when a boy reads an inscription on a children’s toy, he opens a doorway to hell in his back yard.  All this and some pretty nasty faced little cretins in The Gate!