CB #70 Hero Worship


Strap in and protect your ankles! ¬†There’s danger all over this episode. I am joined by CDR of the Cult Of Muscle podcast this time and talk about obsession on multiple levels. First up, when young Davey gets a hold of some touchy government information from some bad guys, it is up to him and his trusty imaginary friend Jack Flack to stop the baddies and try to stay alive in Cloak & Dagger. Next up, writer Paul Sheldon gets taken in by Annie Wilkes only to find out that she loves his work and will do anything for him to keep the stories coming. All this and cockadoody cars in Misery! ¬†Finally, when a film obsessed kid is thrust into his favorite action hero’s film, its up to him to help Jack Slater to stop the bad guys, survive extreme explosions and an enormous script of bad action tropes in Last Action Hero!