Black Annis Episode 5: There can be only One

Black Annis FINAL LOGO

Episode 5 is here! This episode introduces a new logo, a new intro song, and a new series of episodes that we will be doing…. Well pretty much whenever we feel like straying from our regular reviews. Tonight we will be featuring the unnamed versus episode where we will be looking at The Thing From Another World and John Carpenter’s The Thing. One will ride high on the wings of eternity, while the loser is put to death with extreme prejudice. We will also be featuring our first game review as Ben will tell is what he thought of The Thing video game which came out in 2002, and is based on the sequel that was never made. So sit back, relax, have a drink, and enjoy!

Logo art – Mel Langton /

Intro Music by – Luke Sibley / Ultimate Master of Awesomeness and all around cool guy.