BananaLaser Episode #52 Halloween Returns

bananalaser-ep-52-600x336BananaLaser Episode 52 Halloween Returns

Hello LaserNation! It’s October, It’s Halloween and we are fanboys. On this episode of BL, we get into some serious discussions on the film franchise Halloween.

Now, I know what you are asking, “Hey didn’t you do a retrospective on the series two years ago?” or “What’s left to be said? I think you guys covered it.” or “BananaLaser is completely uncreative. They only talk about the same things! UNSUBSCRIBE!!”

Well, you aren’t wrong. We did cover the entire series, we did talk about these films at length & we are uncreative assholes!

So here it is. More discussion about the franchises upcoming sequel, Halloween Returns. We attempt to ‘fix’ certain sequels by rewriting them. We even discuss the appropriate way to enjoy a Miller Lite.

But that’s not all. Check out part 2 that’ll be plopping Next Tuesday!!

‘Happy Halloween Lasers!!’ -Father Mahoney

03:02 – 06:50
Introductions from Matt, Dave & Alex

06:50 – 32:44
We speculate on the upcoming film Halloween Returns.


35:05 – 41:15
It’s Miller Time! We shoot around ideas for a possible sequel to Halloween III.

41:15 – 57:12
We attempt to rewrite some of the worse parts of Halloween 4 & 5.


59:43 – 01:12:40
Does nostalgia prevail? The men discuss how they felt about the sequels when the first debuted.

01:13:00 – 01:18:24
A little non franchise talk about Alex’s desire for a classic Halloween witch movie.

Plus the trailer for next week’s episode. More Halloween Goodness!

Thanks for listening!

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