BananaLaser Episode #47 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Deep Red

47BananaLaser Episode #47 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Deep Red

Lasers! We’re back with another episode and we’re back with more Argento! We continue our ’70s retrospective with the 1975 giallo Deep Red from horror icon Dario Argento. Spoiler free review first, followed by a lengthy spoiler full discussion. Check the timestamp if you don’t want the secrets revealed.

Plus Alex, Matt & Dave talk about something brought up last show, the joys of rental stores & and their dissolvent. Hear some history of the three hosts & some possible future endeavors of putting a rental store in your home. Do kids today understand what it was like for the old guys hosting the show?

Also, The BananaMen give a rebuttal to a YouTube troll who posted a video titled ‘BananaLaser Podcast Sucks’. Laugh at the video here:

Thanks for listening! Be excellent to each other and party on, dudes!

00:00 – 03:53
The dead body journey continues as we discover how Mahoney knows about it and will the men go find it?

03:53 – 40:20
Introduction + Rental Store Nostalgia


41:00 – 55:05
Deep Red Review Spoiler Free

55:19 – 01:48:51
Deep Red Review Spoiler Full including a voicemail from Martin Henderson


01:50:08 – 01:57:30
The guys laugh about a ridiculous video rant some jerk posted on YouTube. Please dislike the video here:

01:59:06 – 02:06:14
The men say their goodbyes but not before discussing the content for future episodes

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