BananaLaser Episode #46 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Deranged

IMG_8333BananaLaser Episode #46 Rollin’ Through the ’70s: Deranged

Welcome back to the lounge LaserNation!! The Rollin’ Through the ’70s continues with Deranged from 1974. The originator of a subgenre of film or just a screwy comedy? Either way, it’ll be a fun listen.

Also, it’s an old Skeleton Crew segment but done right. The bananamen discuss tone changes in horror franchises. This is a great conversation!

Plus, Wizzel tells the story of when he first saw a dead body!!

Thanks for listening!

00:00 – 02:57

02:57 – 47:47
Tone Changes in Horror Franchises


49:49 – 53:13
“You wanna see a dead body?”

53:13 – 01:47:52
Full In Depth Review of Deranged from 1974 (Includes Spoilers)


01:49:50 – 01:55:01

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