BananaLaser Episode #43 John Carpenter Retrospective Part 2: Christine


BananaLaser Episode #43 John Carpenter Retrospective Part 2: ChristineWelcome Lasers! It’s time for another BananaLaser Retrospective. We set our targets on John Carpenter. The second film up is Christine from 1983. How does this film hold up? The guys get into this film in depth for 90 minutes! Plus an exclusive interview with Action Lab Comics Creator Shaun Gabborin about the Puppet Master Comic Series in development. Don’t be a shitter!! Be a Laser!

00:00 – 02:55
Introduction to the show with an answer to how we named the listeners, Lasers!

02:55 – 01:38:33
 A full in depth discussion of John Carpenter’s Christine (includes spoilers)


01:41:19 – 02:01:16
Interview with Shawn Gabborin of Action Lab Comics

02:02:53 – 02:07:26

Be sure to check out  our future episode #44  with John Carpenter’s The Thing and previous episode #42 with The Fog.

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