BananaLaser Episode #42 John Carpenter Retrospective Part 1: The Fog

bananalaser ep 42

BananaLaser Episode #42 John Carpenter Retrospective Part 1: The Fog

Welcome Lasers! It’s time for another BananaLaser Retrospective. We set our targets on John Carpenter. The first film up is The Fog from 1980. His first film after Halloween. How does this film hold up? The guys get into this film in depth for 90 minutes! Plus an exclusive interview with filmmaker Alex Aronson about his feature Sting and his trip to The Sundance Film Festival. Also our Pieces of Talent (peel it back) DVD giveaway results! Are you a winner? Listen in to find out.

00:00 – 05:05
Introduction to the show and the symbolic meaning of this episode being #42

05:05 – 08:12
A campfire ghost story

08:12 – 01:32:00
A full in depth discussion of John Carpenter’s The Fog (includes spoilers)


01:33:54 – 01:38:06
Pieces of Talent Giveaway Results
Are you a winner? Email us at

01:38:33 -02:24:16
Exclusive interview with Filmmaker Alex Aronson
Alex went to Sundance Film Festival in Utah and has some great stories about the films he watched. Knock, Knock, Hellions & It Follows. Plus a weird encounter with George Takei

02:24:21 – 02:28:49

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