BananaLaser Episode #40 The BananaLaser Holiday Special


BananaLaser Episode 40
The BananaLaser Holiday Special

Welcome Back to the Lounge, Lasers! Top off your eggnog as Alex, Dave &
Wizzel have a great show for this holiday season! They talk about Christmas
Horror Movies, A new film called Pieces of Talent & other surprises.
Including Holiday messages from Mahoney and Montgomery. Plus a special
reading of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Merry Christmas Lasers! Thanks
for listening!

00:00 – 00:59
Holiday Special Sponser

Juggle Bills – The Crypt Keeper
Satan’s Holiday Greeting

08:22 – 29:20
BL answers listener’s questions. Join our Facebook Group

A Special Holiday Greeting from Montgomery

30:45 – 34:45
a reading of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

34:45 – 01:21:33
Mahoney’s Sack Full Of Christmas Movies Part 1
Black Christmas
Silent Night Deadly Night

A Mahoney Christmas

01:23:16 – 01:37:43
Mahoney’s Sack Full Of Christmas Movies Part 2
Silent Night
Santa’s Slay

Home Alone Outtakes

01:38:42 – 01:48:08
Mahoney’s Sack Full Of Christmas Movies Part 3
Christmas Evil


01:48:24 – 01:53:39
The guys get off topic with virgins, first time having sex & music

01:53:39 – 02:16:28
Spoiler free review of Pieces Of Talent
Check out the flick and support the sequel here:

02:16:35 – 02:17:39
Goodbyes and Happy Holidays

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