BananaLaser Episode #38 Tricks and Treats

BananaLaser Episode 38 Tricks and Treats

October is here Lasers! To celebrate the bananamen watched two holiday themed movies for discussion. Trick or Treat 1986 and Trick or Treats 1982. Peel it back or stick it up your crack? Check out the full movies on our You Tube channel here:

Also, The winners of the Motel Hell/Scream Factory Giveaway sponsored by Cosmic Creepers are announced! Are you the lucky winner?

Plus a lot of other Halloween nonsense. Thanks for listening Lasers!

00:00 – 03:27
episode intro

03:27 – 15:46
Dave Z, Wizzel & Alex intro the show and talk about the Halloween box set
that they may or may not receive from the Turner Classic Movies online

15:46 – 18:13
They guys take a break to go Trick or Treating

19:08 – 27:10
The big giveaway! Who wins Motel Hell Merchandise?

28:00 – 01:22:00
Trick Or Treats Review (Spoilers but… trust me, it doesn’t matter)

01:23:00 – 02:32:00
Trick Or Treat 1986 Review with spoilers

02:34:40 – 02:37:00
See you next time!!

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