‘At the Mountains of Madness’ – The Game



H.P. Lovecraft’s brand of cosmic horror has been enjoying a renaissance, so it’s really no surprise that his work has found its way into games.  From the pixelated Eldritch to tabletop games, Lovecraft has engaged the public consciousness in a way old Howard himself could never have imagined.  Little surprise, then, that his seminal work is being adapted for a first-person video game experience.  Developed by Team Clockworks, At the Mountains of Madness  is described thusly:

At the Mountains of Madness is an indie PC game based on the novel by HP Lovecraft, currently under development.  You play in first-person perspective as geologist William Dyer, a professor at Miskatonic University back in the 1930’s, who hopes to deter a planned and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica in search of undiscovered fossils and zones unexplored by man.

The game is being developed with the Unreal Engine 4 and will be available for PC/MAC/Linux, using latest technology like Directx11, physics / wind / ragdoll system, post-processing effects and lighting.  Fight against the elements and explore ancient lands and antarctic landscapes, find dark caves and ancient alien dungeon labyrinths while trying to survive in a realtime 3D action adventure in search of undiscovered fossils and zones unexplored by man.


Check out a beta preview trailer below: