12 oz of Terror Episode 2: River of Toxie


In this dynamite installment of 12oz, host’s Matt and Ryan weigh in on the non-story that is a possible 5th installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, additions to our respective film collections, our beverages for the night, touch on the Wicker Man remake, C.H.U.D, John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, and a whole slew of other topics, before diving headlong into the 2011 film “River of Darkness.” and the 1984 Troma classic, The Toxic Avenger. Have a listen and share the love.

Happy Hour: 0:00 – 28:40
River of Darkness: 32:57 – 53:28
The Toxic Avenger: 59:54 – 1:21:24
Last Call: 1:22:24 – 1:29:55