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Ricky Morgan shared Short Bus Cinema's photo to the group: Legion Podcasts. ...

Johnny Krueg and Rik Morgan welcome you to Short Bus Cinema! A ride through the worst of the worst movies ever made. We are ready to ride Saturday, May 6th. Stay tuned for news and upcoming shows. We are both excited about this show, it's gonna be a load of fun! Art by our good friend Dan Biesel here's a link to our page:

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I'm watching an episode of Paranormal Witness I had backlogged on my DVR, and it's vaguely related to the Mothman.

Eventually they mention its signature loud screech...and they play a hawk screech sound effect. And I lose it, for reasons I am sure people here can guess. And every time they do it, I am just laughing hysterically...

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I'm just going to leave this here ...

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Wych Vs. The Doomsday Clock: Week #12, Recording #02, Hour 02:45 - Kiss the bride

This is the podcast equivalent of "found footage" - A man in a bunker recording his fight for survival & entertainment on the global junk heap of the future

This week: Glow sticks, Girl's bits & Medical tricks

Is out now!

Android users just search for Wych in your favourite app

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